Welcome to PoleDancingPoles.com! If you’re looking to buy a setup for your home or studio you’ve come to the right place.  We have reviewed all pole dancing poles to help you find the right selection for your needs.

When searching the best dancing poles to buy, there is really only three reputable companies known for strong, safe, sturdy, and easy to install products.  Below, we outline the main companies we recommend and all the general styles and price ranges available:

  • LilMynx.com – their static pole is probably one of the most popular choices on the market, available starting at $199.
  • Platinum Stages – carries unique “stand alone” stages, these are a high class product on the luxury end of pricing.
  • X-Pole – offers the best deals for customers in the UK and world wide, due to shipping costs anyone outside of the United States will likely find the best deals at Xpole overall.

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Using dance poles to keep fit seems to have become somewhat of a craze, which is hardly surprising seeing the sport has some rather major fitness benefits to be had from it. A combination of modern dance, ballet, and also gymnastics – dancing on a pole actually requires the use of some rather strong muscles in most places on the body.  It could prove to be the most enjoyable workout you’ve ever had!

A common feature in dance clubs, night clubs, dance studios, and fitness classes – dance poles can be freestanding, permanent, or transportable pressure installed.

Club employees or exotic dancers are the people most often using stripper poles. However, many non-professional dancers looking for an intense exercise routine or a little exotic flair purchase setups to install at home. In some communities, classes are offered at area gyms and studios.
Many people don’t realize that pole dancing poles come in a variety of styles and designs, each of which has a specific use. Pole dancing can be a fun activity that provides a great workout, or it can be part of a romantic evening, some people even make a career of being a dancer.

The first step in finding the best pole dancing poles is to make sure and find the proper dancing pole for your personal preferences and planned areas of usage.

Portable Poles

Portable dancing poles are ideal for almost eveyone. The best portable dance poles can be set up in nearly any room in just a few minutes and taken down when not in use. Depending on the type of portable dancing pole you choose, some do not even require the use of screws, nails or any type of anchoring equipment, as the pole is held in place similarly to the design of a shower curtain rod or with a portable stage.

Quality, well-constructed portable dancing poles easily hold dancers – male or female – of any size and are usually made of sturdy stainless steel.

Portable dancing poles are the perfect option for anyone who wants to use their pole recreationally or professionally in a variety of locations and who likes the idea of being able to keep it out of sight when not in use.

Spinning Poles

Spinning dancing poles add a fun and more advanced exotic twist to pole dancing, by allowing the pole to smoothly rotate. This ability opens up a variety of interesting moves and advanced tricks for the pole dancer. Some spinning dance poles are designed so that the pole can be locked for static activity and released for spinning maneuvers.

If one is planning on learning any type of spinning moves on a dance pole, a spinning pole is definitely preferable, as it can help prevent painful friction burns that can result from spinning on a static pole.

Setups For Vaulted Ceilings

A vaulted ceiling does not disqualify a room from hosting a dancing pole. Careful measurements need to be executed in the area of the vaulted ceiling in which the pole will be installed and a custom length pole used.

Special hardware affixed to the ceiling will then allow the dancing pole to be locked securely into place, with the specialized attachment providing the flexibility to accommodate the angle of the ceiling. Vaulted ceilings should only host permanent dancing poles.

Removable Options

Removable dancing poles – also known as semi-permanent poles – are a good option for a situation in which a solid, secured pole is needed, yet the pole also needs the flexibility of being able to be easily removed.

These dance poles require the installation of hardware on the ceiling to be extra secure.

The pole dancing pole is affixed to the hardware, but then can be easily released from that hardware to open up the area of the room. Most manufacturers include cloaking items, such as a faux smoke detector casing, to hide the attaching unit when the pole is not in place.

Removable pole dancing poles are a great option for home use, as well as in bars and clubs that sometimes host pole dancing entertainment, but wish to have the floor space open when the dancing is not taking place.

Brass Dance Poles

Stainless steel is the most common component for construction of pole dancing poles, but brass offers another design option. Brass dancing poles can sometimes be a bit more inexpensive than stainless steel, as brass is a cheaper alloy, but deciding between a brass and stainless steel pole dancing pole is predominately a simple matter of personal preference.

When purchasing a brass pole dancing pole, it is important to make sure that it is solid brass – not plated. A plated brass dancing pole will tend to flake, which can make the grip on the pole unreliable.

Light Up Dancing Poles

Light up pole dancing poles are a great choice for those who want to add a unique element to their workout or performance. Many of the light up poles are powered by LED lights, which can provide a range of different colors. These pole dancing poles are great for any party – or even a playfully intimate setting.

Light up dancing poles require hardware on the top and bottom. They are generally a little more expensive than standard dancing poles, but they offer an aesthetically different experience to the performance.

Options Tailored To Your Needs

There are so many different types of moves and routines that you can be performed even ata competitive level, the activity is now mainstream and extremely popular.

Some models can be bought from most adult stores or enjoy a wider selection right here online, then assembled at home.

Our prices are the best out there, even huge stars like Carmen Electra and Kendra Wilkinson even have their own brand for sale!

Styles And Prices

Pole dancing poles are usually stainless steel or chrome, sometimes brass. The smooth metallic finish is important for fluid motion during a routine. These durable metals also provide a solid construction that can sustain daily use and regular weight up to 250 pounds.

The cost of each model varies by material, height and functional features.

Static, permanently attached poles have the lowest cost. Light-up models and self-contained stage kits are the most expensive units.

Each manufacturers offers slightly different price points. On average, dancing poles start at $200-$400, and trend upward from there. Some popular choices and their approximate cost are:

  • Permanently attached stationary poles cost between $250 and $300 depending on the height.
  • Permanently attached spinning poles cost from $250 to $300 depending on pole height.
  • Stationary static poles cost between $150 and $210 on average; these are the most basic setup.
  • LED light glow poles are a newer development, costing approximately $400 on up to 12 ft. poles; taller ones are available at a higher price.
  • One piece free standing units price around $300.
  • Multiple-piece free standing selections cost approximately $349.
  • Stand alone options with small attached stages range from $500 to $799 depending on the stage and pole height
  • Portable or removable setups on average cost between $300 and $500. Adding different types of attachable staging will increase the cost.


Other accessories such as staging kits, specialty installation kits and lighting features are available for purchase right here.  Products we carry include:

  • Height extensions.
  • Stages and construction accessories.
  • Quick release stage kits.
  • Lighting accessories like strobe lights, colored lights or flashing stage.
  • Spinning pole mounts for floor and ceiling.
  • Vaulted ceiling mounts for taller dancing poles.
  • Flange covers to hide mounting under a smooth cover
  • Training videos.
  • Gripping spray.
  • Bubble machines or fog machines to add atmosphere to the pole dancing stage.

How To Purchase

Dancing poles are available in limited selection and supply at local stores that sell exotic dancing supplies – but the best place to buy pole dancing poles is right here on this website. We have the best prices!  Removable sets come with a carrying case for easy transport.

In some cases, a local retailer or supplier may rent dancing poles, stages or lighting accessories. Contact the retailer directly for more information about renting or purchasing dancing poles and their accessories.

Things to consider before buying:

  1. Where do you want to place your pole? You can place your pole anywhere. Do you need it out of sight of others? Decide whether you want it in your living room, bedroom, office etc. and what material that floor is made of. Hardwood and ceramic floors need to be protected by some sort of barrier between it and the pole. Some poles come with a silicone base but with other poles you will need to purchase a non-skid floor pad.
  2. Do you need it to be removable or portable? Do you plan on taking your pole with you?Portable poles are easily broken down into smaller pieces and placed into a portable carrying case making it easy to throw in your car and go! Removable poles can be taken down when company comes over and mounts can be disguised. There are poles that are both portable and removable such as the X-Pole.
  3. How tall are your ceilings? Taller ceilings are going to need pole extenders which can be bought if need be from the company you bought your pole from. Some pole kits come with some extenders. The standard height ranges from 8′ to 10” but please check exact measurements.

  4. Spinning or static? I suggest you get 2 for the price of 1! Many poles that are spinning also can be static by simple placement of a pin. Use static is for beginners. Once you have your moves down try spinning for more advanced movement.

  5. Do you have the tools or need to borrow someones? Some poles require a screwed down ceiling mount that is relatively easy to install but this requires having a stud finder, ladder, Other poles are bottom loading so that the height is easily adjusted from the bottom- no ladders needed.

There are other things you may want to consider when buying a stripper pole but probably comes down to personal preferences and ideas of what you want. Do a lot of research and keep what I listed in mind!

What about vaulted ceilings?

A pole can be mounted anywhere! This includes vaulted ceilings or angled ceilings. If you already a have a stripper pole you simply purchase a ball-joint type mount to make your pole more versatile. Be aware though, some poles are only designed to be used on flat surfaces. Do some research on your pole on things like this before you buy. Most dancing pole brands sell a separate mount just for vaulted ceilings. I would suggest going with the same company that you bought your pole from so you know it is compatible. Lil’ Mynx has a popular vaulted ceiling mount here.

Safety First

Using dancing poles safely requires a degree of skill and muscle control. Novices and beginners should use training videos to learn appropriate hand and leg grips, basic moves or starter routines.

Dancing poles can be used for aerobic exercise as well as dancing routines. In night clubs where dancing poles are part of the open dance floor for patrons, users participate at their own risk.

In a private or public performance venue, users should practice techniques before attempting lengthy routines. As with any form of exercise, stretching to prevent injury and proper use is the user’s responsibility.

A unique and exotic addition to any club, gym, home studio – routines are designed for entertainment as well as exercise. Both amateurs and trained dancers can learn of various styles and moves.

Learning Moves And Routines

Practice makes perfect when it comes to learning exotic dancing.  At first you may feel awkward, maybe even a little embarrassed.  This phase will pass when you realize how much of a workout you are getting while pleasing your partner!  Endless movements requiring spins, poses, and climbs can prove to be a muscle toning exercise – as well as a fun way to lose weight or impress a romantic partner all at the same time!

Exotic pole dances are just that, it provides for wonderful entertainment for a romantic partner as well as making yourself feel sexy at the same time. The empowerment pole dancing provides can boost ones self confidence as well as feel incredibly sexy. Pole dancing is now seen as a recognized workout and fitness program all over the world.

Fitness And Workouts

You can create your own workout or try one of the many exercise videos available.

A certain degree of flexibility is needed when incorporating moves into your exercise regime or into the bedroom, but thankfully basic routines can be be learned over time with practice by just about anyone.

Using a combination of flexibility, dance, and various other moves you can work out in a way that you also expresses yourself as an art.  One of the best parts of using fitness poles as a weight loss regime is that there is no skill or fitness level required prior to starting.

You can be as experienced or as novice as you like and still learn how to participate. You can learn at home with the help of videos, or classes held in your city or town. Whichever way you decide to learn, you will find that it has the potential to completely change your life in more ways than one.

Dancing For Fitness

Pole dancing poles designed for fitness use come in a variety of styles, as many of the different design variations of pole dancing poles can be utilized for fitness training. A dancing pole that is securely fastened to the ceiling is most advantageous for fitness use, particularly if it will be used by novices.

However, portable dancing poles can be used, as long as they are of high quality and locked firmly into place.