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Benefits Of Taking Pole Dancing Fitness Classes

It’s funny; you don’t need to explain to anyone your reasoning for taking an aerobics, or even a kickboxing, class. But when it comes to taking pole dancing classes, you probably feel like you need to come up with some valid reasoning. In reality, though, pole dancing classes provide all of the benefits you get from aerobics and kickboxing, and more.

1. Pole dancing tones and tightens

First, let’s explain what pole dancing is. Pole dancing is basically dance with the use of a vertical pole as a prop. Of course we all know it’s not that innocent. To many pole dancing is sexy, and to some it symbolizes nude dancing because nude dancers often use a pole to exhibit themselves. For this reason, pole dancing has become something that many women have taken up to increase their confidence and how sexy they feel. Pole dancing brings out that tantalizing beauty that we’re often reluctant to show.

But, it also tones and tightens just like any aerobics class. While beginner’s classes don’t require extreme upper body strength, over the course of time pole dancing will vastly improve arm strength as well as balance. It will help you lose fat and can tone almost every muscle in the body. Essentially a form of combined dance and gymnastics, pole dancing is an excellent workout!

2. Pole dancing improves coordination, balance, and grace

Probably more so than a typical aerobics class, pole dancing improves your overall range of movement. Since it is a form of dance, the newfound coordination you can achieve from attending pole dancing classes is similar to that of a dancer or gymnast. You’ll become more flexible and find yourself moving more easily and gracefully.

3. Pole dancing improves self-confidence

As you may be able to imagine, it takes a lot of courage for women to try pole dancing. Of course it’s difficult to try anything that’s completely new to us, but pole dancing requires you to put your body on display (or at least that’s what we think), which makes many women quite anxious.

Of course, as with most things, you quickly realize that fears about pole dancing are exaggerated. Different types of pole dancing lessons are organized for beginners as well as those who are more experienced. So, at any class you attend, there are going to be others who are pole dancing for the first time. There will also be experienced dancers who know exactly what it’s like to be on a pole for the first time. They’re usually more than willing to help you along.

By the end of the first class, you’ve overcome another obstacle, and become comfortable contorting your body in front of a group of people you didn’t know a few hours prior. This alone increases your self-confidence. As you continue with pole dancing classes, however, you begin to feel more comfortable in your own skin. This translates into a confidence and sexiness that is difficult to achieve in other ways. Add to that the fact that you’re staying in shape, and pole dancing classes seem like a no-brainer!

How To Give A Lap Dance

Giving your man a lap dance can be very sensual and is a great way to spice up a typical evening. But of course many women don’t have any experience giving lap dances, so that attempt at a sexy, tantalizing dance can become a clumsy and uncomfortable experience. To make your lap dance a memorable experience for both you and him, here is some advice on how to give a lap dance.

1. Pick the right song

Of course the song is the foundation of any lap dance. You’ll need something steamy, but slow. You don’t want to try to do a lap dance to fast music; not only does it make the dance twice as difficult, but it takes away the slow movements that are essential for a good lap dance. Don’t worry about the length of the song because your dance doesn’t have to last the entire song. Remember that, if done right, a lap dance is just another form of foreplay. Your man probably won’t want to wait until an entire song is over to get his hands on you!

2. It’s all about position and stance

Set his chair up first. You’ll need to support yourself with a wall, so place the chair right up against the wall. Have him sit down with his legs spread open. The space he leaves between his thighs is where you’ll want to position yourself. Settle yourself into this spot and then you can use several dance moves to seduce him.

3. The Lean

After you position yourself between his legs, place both hands up on the wall behind him. Do this slowly, leaning over him with an arch in your back and your butt pushed into the air. This allows him to have a good perspective on your entire body. After you place your hands on the wall, lean over him moving your breasts very close to his face. Don’t let him touch them, but you may want to just brush them across his face or chest.

4. Move your hips

Step back a little bit so you are standing between his knees. Then move your hips to each side, swaying seductively as you do. Then, begin to move your hips in a figure eight motion. While you’re making this hypnotizing movement, you can begin to rub your breasts. Massage them slowly and sensually, then move your hand down your stomach to just above your crotch. Close your eyes as if in ecstasy and give him a sly smile. At this point he should be getting pretty worked up!

5. Reverse cowgirl

The grand finale is a move that all professionals use. Turn around and lean into him, using your hands on his thighs or the chair arms to balance. Then move your butt back and forth and in circles above his crotch. You can get as involved in this as you want, as it’s a fine time to incorporate touching.

Once you get over your shyness, you’ll find that a lap dance is a sensual and fun way to start any love making session. Go slow and be confident, and you’re sure to drive your partner wild with anticipation!

Pole Dancing For Fun And Profit

Pole dancing ihas become a popular way to have fun, spice up your love life, earn extra money, and exercise. It offers numerous benefits to the body and soul. It tones and strengthens the muscles, it gives confidence to the dancer and it makes the pole dancer feel sexy. It’s great for surprising a loved one, getting a good workout at home and earning a little extra cash.

Pole dancing isn’t just sexy. It burns about 350 calories per hour. You can do it by starting with the basic moves and working your way into the harder routines. You can learn in a few different ways.

You can take a pole dancing class at the local dance studio or fitness center. If your local gym doesn’t offer a class in pole dancing, ask them to start one. If the manager of the center doesn’t think that enough people would be interested, put a sign-up sheet at the front desk.

You could also buy a pole and take classes in your home. Invite your friends from the neighborhood to join in with you. If you get a group of four or five people to contribute, hiring a private instructor isn’t very expensive. Some dance studios will rent out their pole to a group of friends for a private party. If you can’t find a private teacher, buy one of the many pole dancing DVDs that are for sale nowadays. Pick up a few sexy outfits, or make your own.

To get inspired, take a group of like-minded friends down to the local strip club to watch the pros at work. You can pick up a few hot moves just by paying attention. You could even ask one of the dancers to give you a few tips. If you make a friend, she might even give you private lessons or tell you where she learned to pole dance.

To get you started, here are a few tips and basic moves.

Make sure the pole is installed correctly. Clean it. Don’t wear any lotions or oils. You don’t want a slippery pole. For safety’s sake, wear an outfit that exposes your arms and legs so that you can get a better grip on the pole. You can do even more moves if you’re barefoot or nude.

A quick basic move is the backwards wiggle. Put your back to the pole, reach behind your head and grab it. Slide slowly down the pole into a crouching position as you wiggle your hips. While leaning against the pole, slide your hands down your body to your knees. Spread your legs when you reach the bottom, push up and slowly return to the starting position.

A good second move is the wiggle down. This time stand behind the pole, and face the audience. Place your feet on either side of the pole. Grab the pole with your stronger hand at the same height as your head. Slowly slide down to a crouching position while you wiggle your hips. Open your knees, and close them. Slide back up the pole to a standing position. Keep wiggling.

Those two moves will get you started. Experiment with them. Add your own variations. Find yourself a teacher, or buy a DVD. You’ll be the best pole dancer on your block.

Pole Dancing For Fitness

Pole dancing isn’t just for exotic dancers any longer. Athletic clubs, dance studios and suburban moms have installed poles because they provide a full-body workout. Pole dancing exercise is a great way for women to strengthen their bodies, shed a few extra pounds and improve their self-confidence. Pole dancing is also a lot of fun.

It’s no secret that dancing fitness classes offer tremendous benefits to professional athletes. While Herschel Walker was a running back for the National Football League Dallas Cowboys, he studied ballet. In fact, he even performed with the Fort Worth Ballet for a single show. Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Lynn Swann and heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield also studied ballet. If those three famous athletes benefited from dancing fitness classes, all women can reap the rewards.

The simple truth is that even the most disciplined athletes get bored by their workouts. In fact, the benefits diminish by doing the same workout every day. Some people have turned to cross-training to keep their workouts hard. Others have turned to pole dancing exercise.

But it isn’t just athletes who are using the pole. Women are having them installed in their basements. They look at the pole as a vertical gym. They consider the sexy side effects to be an added bonus. Anybody who loses weight, drops a few sizes and feels healthier is going to improve their self-esteem along the way. Plus, there are no large machines or complicated equipment to master. You’re working with body weight, which is the best way to get results that don’t make you look like you over-exercise. Pole fitness doesn’t require countless repetitions, and it isn’t boring.

Exotic dancers began to work with poles back in the 1990s. They noticed that they got stronger and lost weight. Other women saw these benefits as well. The dancers then began teaching pole dance classes to new exotic dancers. They made their own DVDs and started teaching fitness classes instead of exotic dancing lessons. Women who had no desire to be exotic dancers began buying the DVDs and reaping the rewards.

If you take a pole fitness class, here’s what you can expect. The class will typically last for one hour. For the first ten or fifteen minutes, you’ll do warm-up exercises. Be sure you wear comfortable clothing that leaves your legs and arms exposed to give you a better grip on the pole. Jewelry is not permitted. Neither are oils or lotions.

Your teacher will start you off slowly. One of the first moves you’ll learn is the “fireman.” You do it by hooking your legs around the pole and spinning down the pole to the floor. Once you get stronger, you’ll learn more advanced moves.

Women all over the world are enjoying the benefits of working out on a dance pole. You can do it in the privacy of your home or at your local gym or dance studio. It’s fun, you’ll lose weight and you’ll improve your conditioning quickly.

Pole Dancing The New Workout

Pole dancing is a new hip trend to getting great exercise. This lady has incredible strength and grace. As she states in her information box, she is not a stripper, doesn’t work in a club, but enjoys doing it for herself. Pole dancing uses all your muscles in the body and requires an awareness of body presence. All moves are controlled, down to the pointed toes. This engages major core strength and builds long lean muscles just like a dancer.

Don’t be discouraged with the difficult moves. She practiced 6 hours a day for three months to get her skills. Pole dancing is empowering as you find yourself moving in new ways. All of us have a sexy prowler waiting to come out, so pull out your boy shorts and tight top and get your groove on!