Benefits Of Taking Pole Dancing Fitness Classes

It’s funny; you don’t need to explain to anyone your reasoning for taking an aerobics, or even a kickboxing, class. But when it comes to taking pole dancing classes, you probably feel like you need to come up with some valid reasoning. In reality, though, pole dancing classes provide all of the benefits you get from aerobics and kickboxing, and more.

1. Pole dancing tones and tightens

First, let’s explain what pole dancing is. Pole dancing is basically dance with the use of a vertical pole as a prop. Of course we all know it’s not that innocent. To many pole dancing is sexy, and to some it symbolizes nude dancing because nude dancers often use a pole to exhibit themselves. For this reason, pole dancing has become something that many women have taken up to increase their confidence and how sexy they feel. Pole dancing brings out that tantalizing beauty that we’re often reluctant to show.

But, it also tones and tightens just like any aerobics class. While beginner’s classes don’t require extreme upper body strength, over the course of time pole dancing will vastly improve arm strength as well as balance. It will help you lose fat and can tone almost every muscle in the body. Essentially a form of combined dance and gymnastics, pole dancing is an excellent workout!

2. Pole dancing improves coordination, balance, and grace

Probably more so than a typical aerobics class, pole dancing improves your overall range of movement. Since it is a form of dance, the newfound coordination you can achieve from attending pole dancing classes is similar to that of a dancer or gymnast. You’ll become more flexible and find yourself moving more easily and gracefully.

3. Pole dancing improves self-confidence

As you may be able to imagine, it takes a lot of courage for women to try pole dancing. Of course it’s difficult to try anything that’s completely new to us, but pole dancing requires you to put your body on display (or at least that’s what we think), which makes many women quite anxious.

Of course, as with most things, you quickly realize that fears about pole dancing are exaggerated. Different types of pole dancing lessons are organized for beginners as well as those who are more experienced. So, at any class you attend, there are going to be others who are pole dancing for the first time. There will also be experienced dancers who know exactly what it’s like to be on a pole for the first time. They’re usually more than willing to help you along.

By the end of the first class, you’ve overcome another obstacle, and become comfortable contorting your body in front of a group of people you didn’t know a few hours prior. This alone increases your self-confidence. As you continue with pole dancing classes, however, you begin to feel more comfortable in your own skin. This translates into a confidence and sexiness that is difficult to achieve in other ways. Add to that the fact that you’re staying in shape, and pole dancing classes seem like a no-brainer!