Celebrity Endorsed Pole Dancing Poles

A quality celebrity endorsement can make a product very popular. Because of dancing poles’ history of providing beautiful women with an outlet for a skilled performing art, some of Hollywood’s most beautiful women have endorsed certain models or in some cases even created a branded version of their own.

Mostly celebrity endorsed pole dancing poles are more for entertainment and not serious use. Popular celebrity endorsed pole dancing poles are below:

Kendra Wilkinson Pole Dancing Pole

Kendra Wilkinson is an ex-Playboy bunny and one of the stars of the TV reality show, “The Girls Next Door.” The dancing pole endorsed by Kendra is made by one of the larger dancing pole manufacturing companies, X-Pole.

Kendra’s dance pole is static (not spinning) and it attaches at the bottom, which means that the stabilization design is on the floor, not the ceiling.

This pole dancing pole is mainly for those of a petite frame, as it only comes in a 45mm version. The kit comes with written instructions for setup and the installation is fairly simple and straightforward.

Carmen Electra Pole Dancing Pole

Carmen Electra offers a pole dancing pole that is a three-piece, removable design. The pole can be set up as a portable pole, with tension holding it in place. It can also be fastened to the ceiling for a stronger base. In either case, setup is quite simple.

The Carmen Electra pole dancing pole is lightweight, and excessive spinning is not recommended. Because of the design, spinning should take place in only one direction, opposite of the direction that could potentially loosen the pole.

The Carmen Electra pole is one of the better values in the dancing pole market, generally retailing for substantially less than its competitors.