Carmen Electra Dancing Pole

The Carmen Electra Professional Pole Kit is a high quality chrome steel sectional pole which requires no extra hardware to use. It is completely portable and easy to install. Includes carry case and extender pole for high ceilings and can be secured for permanent use.  This pole is easy to set-up and made by trust-worthy Peek-A-Boo company.

Carmen says, “I believe everyone has what it takes to be sexy, and that’s why my new stripper pole is suitable for all levels of exotic dancer – from beginners to experts.” The Carmen Electra dancing pole is a three-piece pole for easy assembly and portability.  It can be used on ceilings 7’2” to 8’6” only.  For any load larger than 200Ibs, they recommend using the screw to secure to your ceiling.   For helpful tips it comes with a DVD for set-up and an assembly guide.  It’s offered in 1.96” Chrome steel and extendable top section.   Many times you can find the Carmen Electra pole on sale on their website.  Made by Peekaboo Poledancing.

Don’t forget about her fun and sassy DVDs which take you through different dance routines.  With Carmen’s videos you will learn a lot of fun moves.  She is a professionally trained exotic dancer and was part of the original ‘Pussycat Dolls’ line-up.   It makes being a beginner a breeze.