Types Of Pole Dancing

People take up pole dancing for a variety of reasons. Whether or not one’s purpose for getting involved in pole dancing is fitness, the fact remains that it is an excellent workout.

While there are several reasons for taking up pole dancing, they are not necessarily mutually exclusive. One may buy a pole dancing pole for a specific purpose, yet find some rewards in other aspects of the activity.

Pole Dancing For Fun

Having fun is the most basic reason for getting into pole dancing. The wide variety of dancing pole types makes becoming involved in the activity available for everyone, regardless of the type of home in which they live. Pole dancing can truly be an enjoyable time, either by oneself, in a more intimate setting with a significant other, or even in a party atmosphere.

Pole Dancing For Fitness

Pole dancing is an excellent way to get into – and stay in – shape. It is a great cardiovascular workout and provides an excellent activity for developing muscular strength and tone.

People sometimes tend to take a dismissive attitude towards pole dancing due to its history in the adult entertainment business, but in recent years, pole dancing has been recognized as an activity that is fun and promotes fitness.

There are many fitness-related pole dancing instructional videos on the market; many of which feature well-known celebrities. Pole dancing incorporates many different types of workout routines into one activity. Classes in pole dancing for fitness have sprung up all over the country, learn how to pole dance and get in shape.

Pole Dancing For Romance

Pole dancing has its roots in the alluring and exotic, and this can easily be moved from the club into one’s own home. As with fitness training with pole dancing poles, there are plenty of instructional DVDs and classes for honing one’s skills in the erotic art of pole dancing for romance.

There are several styles of pole dancing poles that will work well in a bedroom installation. Portable dancing poles can be stored away when not in use, and if a permanent romantic pole is preferable, lighted poles are great for adding to the allure.

Competitive Pole Dancing

Competitive pole dancing is a fairly recent development, but it has picked up notable steam and media attention over the past couple of years.

Pole dancing competitions have largely been held in clubs, with winners usually being declared as the result of audience applause. In 2008, the United States Pole Dancing Federation (USPDF) was founded, and they brought a fair scoring system into pole dancing competitions.

Pole dancing contests can be found at a variety of venues throughout the world. Some are still informal – being judged by panels of local celebrities or through the audience applause, but others have adopted a serious scoring system.

Pole Dancing For Income

Competitive pole dancing has not yet evolved to the point of allowing competitors to make any serious income, so the most common method of pole dancing for income is still in gentlemen’s clubs.

The growing acceptance of pole dancing as a competitive sport, however, has given rise to more upscale clubs offering this form of entertainment, so one can often perform in clean, reputable, and secure establishments in order to make money.