How To Give A Lap Dance

Giving your man a lap dance can be very sensual and is a great way to spice up a typical evening. But of course many women don’t have any experience giving lap dances, so that attempt at a sexy, tantalizing dance can become a clumsy and uncomfortable experience. To make your lap dance a memorable experience for both you and him, here is some advice on how to give a lap dance.

1. Pick the right song

Of course the song is the foundation of any lap dance. You’ll need something steamy, but slow. You don’t want to try to do a lap dance to fast music; not only does it make the dance twice as difficult, but it takes away the slow movements that are essential for a good lap dance. Don’t worry about the length of the song because your dance doesn’t have to last the entire song. Remember that, if done right, a lap dance is just another form of foreplay. Your man probably won’t want to wait until an entire song is over to get his hands on you!

2. It’s all about position and stance

Set his chair up first. You’ll need to support yourself with a wall, so place the chair right up against the wall. Have him sit down with his legs spread open. The space he leaves between his thighs is where you’ll want to position yourself. Settle yourself into this spot and then you can use several dance moves to seduce him.

3. The Lean

After you position yourself between his legs, place both hands up on the wall behind him. Do this slowly, leaning over him with an arch in your back and your butt pushed into the air. This allows him to have a good perspective on your entire body. After you place your hands on the wall, lean over him moving your breasts very close to his face. Don’t let him touch them, but you may want to just brush them across his face or chest.

4. Move your hips

Step back a little bit so you are standing between his knees. Then move your hips to each side, swaying seductively as you do. Then, begin to move your hips in a figure eight motion. While you’re making this hypnotizing movement, you can begin to rub your breasts. Massage them slowly and sensually, then move your hand down your stomach to just above your crotch. Close your eyes as if in ecstasy and give him a sly smile. At this point he should be getting pretty worked up!

5. Reverse cowgirl

The grand finale is a move that all professionals use. Turn around and lean into him, using your hands on his thighs or the chair arms to balance. Then move your butt back and forth and in circles above his crotch. You can get as involved in this as you want, as it’s a fine time to incorporate touching.

Once you get over your shyness, you’ll find that a lap dance is a sensual and fun way to start any love making session. Go slow and be confident, and you’re sure to drive your partner wild with anticipation!