Lil Mynx are professional grade dancing poles, that are made in the USA. Lil’ Mynx Dance Poles are not cheap poles that are made in China like the ones that can be found in a novelty store in your local mall. Lil Mynx has an excellent reputation in the business as a safe, reliable, sturdy professional grade dance pole for your home or studio with superb customer service. They have been making removable poles in the USA longer and better than anybody else.

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When choosing a removable dance pole your number one concern should be safety. Safety is their business! Lil’ Mynx is the only company that offers a safety mat developed by Shawn at Polecats which helps keep you safe whilst you learn pole tricks.

Lil Mynx Pole Dancing Poles For Sale

The Original Lil’ Mynx  is a quality pole that can be removed when not in use.   They are static poles, created for every dancing level and come in a smaller diameter too for more petite hands.  The finish is a  powdered coated  paint in colors balck, pink, and red making it easy to pose and climb.

For $199 you have a great quality pole from a company that puts safety first!  It is important to take into consideration the the finish of the pole and what you will be using it for.  Stainless poles have much less grip, but are great for spins .

The Original stainless steel  is available for $249.  They both come standard to adjust to a 8′-10′ tall ceiling.  If your ceiling is lower than 8′ let them know before placing your order and the can cut to size free of charge.

Trying to save a little money?

The Original stainless blemished  costs $209- same great pole only small cosmetic imperfections.  Easy instructions will guide you through how to install your pole safely and how you can remove pole when you don’t want it in sight.

The Rotator pole is like having two poles in one.  It’s a spinning pole that includes a lockout pin making it static also.  Other than a small bearing assembly located in the base of the pole, the Orginal and Rotator share the same qualities.  The Rotator colored poles can be purchased for $249 and the Rotator Stainless  for $299.

Both poles only require a single screw to safely secure your mount into a main ceiling joist.  When your pole is not in use, the mount is disguised a functional plant hanger for your discretion.  The pole handles up to a 200Ib person.  The pole only takes seconds to put back up or down after initial installation.  Vaulted ceilings are popular these days and a vaulted ceiling mount can be purchased for $30.

The Lil’ Mynx Pro Pole is a fully portable, stainless steel, two piece static design.  It comes with a carrying case, bolted ceiling mount, friction ceiling mount, non-skid floor pad, stud finder, tape measure, and a grip ring all for $399.  It’s a great option for those wishing to show off their skills at places other than home!  This pole again comes standard for 8′-10′ ceilings.

Lil’ Mynx  offers Custom Color dance poles.  Your pole can now match your game room, car, or special events and parties.  They will work with you to come up with the perfect design.    Prices start at $600.

Lil’ Mynx now has the world’s first removable dancing pole for your ski boat!  All poles are custom built for your boat.  You will need to measure your V-drive or I/O boat for exact fit.  Turn your boat into a floating dance party!  There are two pole choices; the first is a one- piece black, white, pink, or red powder coat or stainless steel.

The second choice is a two-peice stainless steel only pole that can be stored away easily.  An optional base can be purchased so it can be used in your home too.  No returns or exchanges as each pole is cut to your specific needs.