has various removable stripper and exotic dance poles constructed of high quality materials that can be purchased with or without the stage. Their platinum stage kits include either a stainless steel, brass, or chrome removable stripper and exotic dancer pole and are ideal for strip clubs, night clubs, college dorms, fraternity houses, your living room, bedroom or anywhere you want it!

Their dance poles do not permanently attach to the floor or ceiling, so they can be assembled and disassembled easily in a matter of minutes. Platinum Stages has been the leader in exotic dance pole design and manufacture since 1998.

Platinum Stages is another quality brand that I can recommend.  They carry a variety of poles for your needs including traditional poles and of course poles with stages.  Platinum stages is truly an industry innovator offering many items other companies do not.   First let me start with their most unique offerings:

The Platinum Glow Pole – Light up your night.  This danceable light-up LED pole is cut for your ceiling up to 12′.   It can feature a single color or run through a sequence of colors. The Glow Pole is a more permanent type of pole with 4 screws to the ceiling and 3 to 4 screws in the floor.  These are  ideal for strip clubs and fitness studios.  It comes with everything you need to install.

Hitch Pole – You can take this pole with you on the road literally!  Just attach this pole to your hitch and your ready to go.  It comes with 3′ x3′ platform and 7′ of useable pole.  This pole is available in stainless steel or brass and options of 1.75 inches or 2 inches.  It supports up to 200 lbs and takes down in two pieces fitting in any size car.

The Extreme One Piece Stripper Pole – This is one of the sturdiest completely removable poles on the market.  This pole is pressure mounted, non-invasive, and comes with everything you need to set it up. Vaulted ceiling mounts can be purchased for this pole separately.  The Extreme Pole is very stable and comes with both spinning and static functions.  It’s available in stainless steel or brass and 1.75” and 2” choices.    These poles are custom cut and have 6” of adjustment to work with.

Free Standing Poles – Platinum stages offers a number of free standing pole dancing poles.

Star Stand Alone – The free-standing pole is one of Platinum Stages signature items.  This dancing pole is a completely  free-standing and portable dancing pole.  The base, or stage, is 3inches high and 5′ 8” in diameter making lots of room for comfortable floor work.  The surprising thing about this dancing pole is that it can hold up to 250Ibs with no ceiling attachment required.  You have your choice of either high-polished genuine stainless or high-polished brass and comes in 1.75 inch or 2 inch diameter.  This pole will fit under a 8ft. Ceiling.  This product is in high-demand so shipping time may take a little longer.

2 Foot Tall Platinum Stage – Use this pole when you need to be the center of attention in a crowd!  The stage itself is 2ft. high and 4ft x 4ft square.  The pole is available in chrome or brass and 1.75inches or 2inches.  It breaks down in 2 pieces and the stage can also be broken down in 2 pieces for easy portability.  This pole is static and spinning.  Some of the different types of surfaces you can customize your stage with are:  black wood surface, swirled galvanized steel, black tile, checkered black & white tile, clear acrylic, frosted white acrylic (Light will transmit through) or mirrored acrylic surface.

In addition you can purchase lighting, siding, and surfaces to make the stage complete.  Truly a professional all-out customizable look.

Note that this pole is also available in a 1ft. stage kit.

And of course Platinum Stages carries permanent spinning/static dancing poles.  The static pole can fit up to 24ft. ceilings!  These poles are 2in. in diameter and come in brass and stainless steel.  Each pole is custom cut for you ceiling and a vaulted ceiling mount can be purchased for permanently attaching mount to a vaulted ceiling.  Three screws are needed on bottom and on the ceiling for incredible stability.  Permanent poles are great for clubs, frat houses, or anyone who does not need the pole removable/portable.

The permanent spinning pole is made from the same quality and can fit up to 14ft. ceilings.   Again made in brass or stainless steel.  Keep in mind static is easier to learn on.

Platinum Stages also sells every accessories you may need to get you dance on:

  • Shoes (including platforms, stilletos, and boots)
  • Videos (pole dancing and lap dance)
  • Furniture

Every accessory piece you may need for you dancing pole:

  • Removable pole kit
  • Spinning locking pins
  • Vaulted ceiling flanges
  • Gripping lotion
  • Dome flange cover
  • Pole extensions