Pole Dancing For Fitness

Pole dancing isn’t just for exotic dancers any longer. Athletic clubs, dance studios and suburban moms have installed poles because they provide a full-body workout. Pole dancing exercise is a great way for women to strengthen their bodies, shed a few extra pounds and improve their self-confidence. Pole dancing is also a lot of fun.

It’s no secret that dancing fitness classes offer tremendous benefits to professional athletes. While Herschel Walker was a running back for the National Football League Dallas Cowboys, he studied ballet. In fact, he even performed with the Fort Worth Ballet for a single show. Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Lynn Swann and heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield also studied ballet. If those three famous athletes benefited from dancing fitness classes, all women can reap the rewards.

The simple truth is that even the most disciplined athletes get bored by their workouts. In fact, the benefits diminish by doing the same workout every day. Some people have turned to cross-training to keep their workouts hard. Others have turned to pole dancing exercise.

But it isn’t just athletes who are using the pole. Women are having them installed in their basements. They look at the pole as a vertical gym. They consider the sexy side effects to be an added bonus. Anybody who loses weight, drops a few sizes and feels healthier is going to improve their self-esteem along the way. Plus, there are no large machines or complicated equipment to master. You’re working with body weight, which is the best way to get results that don’t make you look like you over-exercise. Pole fitness doesn’t require countless repetitions, and it isn’t boring.

Exotic dancers began to work with poles back in the 1990s. They noticed that they got stronger and lost weight. Other women saw these benefits as well. The dancers then began teaching pole dance classes to new exotic dancers. They made their own DVDs and started teaching fitness classes instead of exotic dancing lessons. Women who had no desire to be exotic dancers began buying the DVDs and reaping the rewards.

If you take a pole fitness class, here’s what you can expect. The class will typically last for one hour. For the first ten or fifteen minutes, you’ll do warm-up exercises. Be sure you wear comfortable clothing that leaves your legs and arms exposed to give you a better grip on the pole. Jewelry is not permitted. Neither are oils or lotions.

Your teacher will start you off slowly. One of the first moves you’ll learn is the “fireman.” You do it by hooking your legs around the pole and spinning down the pole to the floor. Once you get stronger, you’ll learn more advanced moves.

Women all over the world are enjoying the benefits of working out on a dance pole. You can do it in the privacy of your home or at your local gym or dance studio. It’s fun, you’ll lose weight and you’ll improve your conditioning quickly.