Pole Dancing For Fun And Profit

Pole dancing ihas become a popular way to have fun, spice up your love life, earn extra money, and exercise. It offers numerous benefits to the body and soul. It tones and strengthens the muscles, it gives confidence to the dancer and it makes the pole dancer feel sexy. It’s great for surprising a loved one, getting a good workout at home and earning a little extra cash.

Pole dancing isn’t just sexy. It burns about 350 calories per hour. You can do it by starting with the basic moves and working your way into the harder routines. You can learn in a few different ways.

You can take a pole dancing class at the local dance studio or fitness center. If your local gym doesn’t offer a class in pole dancing, ask them to start one. If the manager of the center doesn’t think that enough people would be interested, put a sign-up sheet at the front desk.

You could also buy a pole and take classes in your home. Invite your friends from the neighborhood to join in with you. If you get a group of four or five people to contribute, hiring a private instructor isn’t very expensive. Some dance studios will rent out their pole to a group of friends for a private party. If you can’t find a private teacher, buy one of the many pole dancing DVDs that are for sale nowadays. Pick up a few sexy outfits, or make your own.

To get inspired, take a group of like-minded friends down to the local strip club to watch the pros at work. You can pick up a few hot moves just by paying attention. You could even ask one of the dancers to give you a few tips. If you make a friend, she might even give you private lessons or tell you where she learned to pole dance.

To get you started, here are a few tips and basic moves.

Make sure the pole is installed correctly. Clean it. Don’t wear any lotions or oils. You don’t want a slippery pole. For safety’s sake, wear an outfit that exposes your arms and legs so that you can get a better grip on the pole. You can do even more moves if you’re barefoot or nude.

A quick basic move is the backwards wiggle. Put your back to the pole, reach behind your head and grab it. Slide slowly down the pole into a crouching position as you wiggle your hips. While leaning against the pole, slide your hands down your body to your knees. Spread your legs when you reach the bottom, push up and slowly return to the starting position.

A good second move is the wiggle down. This time stand behind the pole, and face the audience. Place your feet on either side of the pole. Grab the pole with your stronger hand at the same height as your head. Slowly slide down to a crouching position while you wiggle your hips. Open your knees, and close them. Slide back up the pole to a standing position. Keep wiggling.

Those two moves will get you started. Experiment with them. Add your own variations. Find yourself a teacher, or buy a DVD. You’ll be the best pole dancer on your block.