Spinning Dancing Poles

If you are looking to take up pole dancing then you need to get your hands on spinning stripper poles. These need to be of the best quality and suitable for use at home to enable you to get the most out of your new venture and thankfully there are plenty of these spinning stripper poles out there out on the market with the growing interest of the new fitness craze.

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Whether you are looking for spinning stripper poles as a way to lose weight or to entice your partner in the bedroom department, buying the best spinning stripper poles is essential not only to make sure that you are safe but also to make sure that you do not encounter any embarrassing situations once you have began your dancing techniques.

The first thing that you do need to do when you get your spinning stripper poles is to put it up in the room that you want it in and then test it out. Ideally this should be when your partner is not around as this can spoil the appeal. This initial set up is to make sure that not only is the pole compatible with the room that you want but also to ensure that it is stable and has no chance of falling down. After all, you do not want to be working your magic around the pole only to have it fall down mid swing!

The spinning stripper poles that you choose will rely heavily on your own preferences. Some of the poles will have both a static and a spinning stripper poles option so that you can change the status after you have gotten a bit of experience and knowledge of the activity. These are perhaps the best ones to go for when thinking of buying poles as they can work for a number of different dances and movements that you want to make. The static function is best for a work out when you are just starting out and the spinning function is perfect for those that are more experienced or after they have been using the static ones for some time and are looking for more of a challenge.

This change from static to spinning stripper poles is usually set with a small pin at the bottom which enables them to move when the pin is out and remain still when the pin is in. This makes them virtually fool proof and even the most inexperienced of beginner can use them.

If you are trying to work out whether or not static or spinning stripper poles are the best option for you, it is maybe best to buy a pole that offers both options as there are advantages that come with both. The static poles are obviously easily managed than the spinning versions and there is also the worry of burns when spinning round and round on a static pole. However, spinning stripper poles rely heavily on a lot more in the way of experience and take a lot more techniques in order to make the effect as best as it can be.