The X-Pole is the best, and most affordable dancing pole on the market.

X-Pole is simple and straight forward; after you chose the pole you want then chose diameter and finish you desire.  All poles are bottom loading, meaning no need for ceiling mounts.

The X-Pole Xpert is a spinning and static pole offered in 2 inches and 1.75 inches.  This kit comes with everything you need for 7’4”- 9′ ceilings and a carrying case.   They are offered in two finishes chrome ($329.99) and titanium gold ($359.99).  The titanium gold offers a better grip.

The Sport includes everything the Xpert does except for that is is static (non spinning).  Again, available in chrome ($249.99) and titanium gold ($289.99).  It even comes with a carrying case for on-the-go use.

The Kendra pole is also made by X-Pole and is the same as the Sport, but includes laser etched signature and colored display box.  This is one of the few high quality celebrity endorsed poles. You can read more about the Kendra pole here.

X-Pole has two different stages, both of which come with a portable case for ease of transportation.  The first stage, X-Stage Standard ($799.99), offers up to 9′ of workable pole and base frame sits 12” off the ground.  This kit also includes a chrome pole that is static and spinning.  It takes less than 5 minutes to set up and the only tool needed is hex key that is supplied.

The second stage is their newest addition called X-Stage Lite ($799.99).  It includes everything the X-Stage Standard does but the frame is only 4” off the ground and half the weight as the X-Stage Standard. These stages are very stable and used by the best in the industry.

Check out X-Pole’s large selection of instructional DVDs.